7 Useful Tips for Traveling by Flight

Today’s aircraft is considered one of the most popular means of transportation for visitors, not only by the convenience and speed but it is also by the services and experiences of being blended into the blue sky. However, in order to have a wonderful trip in flight, people should pay attention to some tips below which will help you have a good and safe trip.

1. Seat by the window is always cooler

Seat by the window is always cooler

When the plane reaches a certain height, outdoor temperatures can drop to -60 or -65 degrees Celsius. This phenomenon brings cool feeling to any window seat whether you sit in the front row or the end of the plane. In summer, when most passengers are wearing thin, lightweight clothes, this temperature difference will be most obvious. Therefore, if you are a fan of the sky and hate to sweat, you should boldly place the chairs by the window.

2. Do not drink coffee or tea

Do not drink coffee or tea

Drinking water used for making tea, coffee on the aircraft is said to be capable of producing malignant bacteria such as E coli or staff. This study was published by the Telegraph based on the Hong Kong Health Department survey of water samples from 22 flights. Results showed that 14 of these samples did not meet hygiene standards. Therefore, for safety and peace of mind, most connoisseurs only require a bottle of mineral water or juice.

3. Limit contact with table and bag in front of you

Limit contact with table and bag in front of you

Many passengers often have a habit of rubbing the trash and tucking them in the bag in front of them. Every time the flight is over, the cleaning staff will only have time to waste this rubbish instead of cleaning it and disinfecting it. However, this is not bad enough with the folding table can get dirty. On the Reddit site, some flight attendants also admitted they had witnessed parents using the table as a baby changing shelf. Therefore, passengers who regularly fly will not place food directly on the table, always carry a sterile wet paper and keep all belongings in personal bags.

4. Best time to depart in the morning

Best time to depart in the morning

If you can choose the time for flying, the perfect time will be in the morning, as it is unlikely that you will be delayed at this time. Moreover, those who are afraid of flying are more likely to opt for the morning departure because, according to aviation experts at Plane and Pilot magazine, this is also the time when insecurity is best controlled.

5. The rear seat of the aircraft is the most attentive service

The rear seat of the aircraft is the most attentive service

Often, visitors always choose seats near the top of the plane to enjoy the benefits of being served the first meal and more choice or leave the earliest cabin when the plane landed. However, according to the experience of a professional airspace, seats near the tail end of the cabin where the cabin is available will help passengers be more favorably accommodated, for example by adding free food or satisfying the requirements another special. Furthermore, the main reason is that when you sit here, the hostess can be assured in the direction of your request without being subjected to scrutiny from other guests, leading to disorder in the aircraft.

6. Do not blow the pillow slightly

Do not blow the pillow slightly

Sitting on the side of professionalism, you can easily see that they only blew the pill a few times and almost still to save this “flat” when the plane is preparing to take off. Increasingly, the pressure variation in the cabin is larger and easier to make the inflated pillows are too tense, dangerous.

7. Call foods on special menus

Call foods on special menus

Many airlines today also serve a variety of special menus with vegetarian, seafood or diet foods, in accordance with the culture, customs, regional tastes, religion or diet of visitors. Even if there are no special options, professional chefs still recommend that you can refer to these menus as food is usually more appetizing, easier to eat than fixed items on flights.

Flight is considered as the best way to travel to other places. Therefore, before traveling by flight, you should read and refer to use and tips information about the flight to have a wonderful trip.