Spotlight on Italy – Naples and Sorrento


The north of Italy bears more similarity to continental Europe than it does to southern Italy. The north is more mountainous and has cooler summer-times and chillier winter seasons and the land is rich and green. Individuals are a mix of Celtic, Germanic, Latin etc whereas individuals in the south are more Latin with some north African impact.

Corricella HDR al tramonto

Corricella HDR al tramonto – Image Credit:

The south is warmer throughout the year and bears more similarity to Greece or southern Spain with its Mediterranean scrub landscape. The north is wealthier and more established. The lifestyle in the south is more unwinded with a relaxed Mediterranean feel.


If ever before there was a city with a historic past, it is Naples. The location is a madhouse and multicolored past which scared off tourists. Pick pockets are a trouble, but you will be fine if you use good sense.

Naples is all about “real.” You will not obtain that odd touristy sensation you locate in the cities to the north. Naples has to do with living now, now in the past. Individuals could be gruff, but are likewise a heck of whole lot even more vibrant than you will certainly discover somewhere else. If you get in problem, simply raise the topic of football (football) and you’ll all of a sudden have pals for life.

Naples past & present

Naples past & present – Image Credit:

The most effective means to experience Naples is just to explore it. The action performs the street, not in museums. If you’re hankering for picture possibilities, the glass dome over the Shopping center Umberto I is a great area. You can additionally climb up mentioned above the city to take beautiful pictures of the coast and insanity of Naples.


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If you are really craving a tourist repair, Pompeii and the looming Mount Vesuvius are close by. Pompeii, naturally, was stashed in a Mount Vesuvius explosion, essentially freezing every little thing in position. Ah, you currently understand the story.


If Naples overwhelms you, head around the bay to Sorrento. Sorrento resembles Naples with one noteworthy exception. It is everything about the vacationer and making them comfortable. Truthfully, it is difficult to see how Naples and Sorrento could co-exist, but they do.

Italy - Sorrento

Italy – Sorrento – Image Credit:

In Sorrento, you can stay at ancient hotels where service is the domain name of the game. The seasides aren’t so hot, however you could lease jet skis and such to invoke your inner traveler.

Southern Italy usually obtains a bum rap as a rough place filled with crime. To some extent it is true, yet stereotyping southern Italy based on this should not hold you from exploring and funding yourself how beautiful it truly is.