What To Bring On Your Sailing Holiday

Sailing is a luxurious activity enjoyed by many and with summer here, there is no better time to get back into it or give it a try. What to pack for a sailing holiday depends largely on the type of person you are and the sort of sailing voyage you are embarking on, there are some necessities that are recommended to help ease the transition between land and sea.

How long will your sailing holiday be? Will you be sailing in the Caribbean venturing to islands of the Bahamas or Jamaica? Will you be doing a tour of the Greek Islands and stopping at islands such as Naxos or Santorini? What about a holiday in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia? The length and style of your trip play a large part in what’s necessary to ensure you’re ready for whatever weather comes your way.

If you choose to head off on a private flotilla and provide your own food, give this some thought before you set sail. Make sure you take some supplies with you so that if you’re cut short and the next stop doesn’t have a shop, you won’t go hungry. Give some consideration to the number of people on board and, while restaurants and tavernas will be plentiful, dining out every night can get expensive.

While a normal beach holiday may entail a suitcase full of clobber for any eventuality, sailing holidays aren’t quite so easy. You won’t have the room to lug a huge suitcase on board so keep it simple. Use a soft bag or holdall which you can unpack and fold up, because storage is limited. Sailing is hugely popular in the summer months and, while the usual climate will mean you’ll need cotton shorts, chinos and light shirts and vest tops, you never know when a shower or breeze may hit, especially at sea.

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Make sure you pack a light, waterproof windbreaker just in case the heavens open, and don’t forget the suncream and sunnies! Footwear on deck is important as your chosen shoes should be non-slip and comfortable for when you moor the boat and head off to explore. You may also wish to consider quick drying materials to avoid the issues prevalent with having wet feet for too long.

Check whether towels are supplied and if not, pack them. If you suffer from seasickness, don’t forget your medications because these can be an absolute lifesaver for choppier conditions. Any other important documentation is also crucial – your passport, papers and any sailing qualifications you may need are invaluable.

Most of all, take your spirit! The experience of a sailing holiday is incredible and will be even better with a positive outlook, ready to take on the world.