The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland

With near perpetual daylight providing plenty of illumination across the Arctic, there is no better time to visit the polar nation of Iceland than now. Stunning coastline, energetic waterfalls, imposing glaciers and the soothing Blue Lagoon all await travelers venturing to this northern nation and during these extensive exploration of Iceland’s natural wonders, many excellent experiences will be had.

Yet, that isn’t all that this place has to offer, as the capital of Reykjavik, having developed a palpable nightlife mainly due to the long winters that it suffers at the other end of the calendar. While you may choose to, or not to partake in its bars and clubs in accordance with your preferences, everybody on a trip here should avail themselves of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, as they offer a culinary experience that is on par with most five star establishments that can be found on the European mainland.

If you’re pining for some fine dining as the endless twilight of a mid-summer Icelandic evening stretches on, here are three restaurants that we like, which all go above and beyond in their quest for exemplary taste and innovation in gastronomic excellence.

1. Dill Restaurant

Dill Restaurant

Helmed by a chef that is considered a pioneer in the contemporary Nordic food movement, your tastebuds will be placed in very capable hands throughout your meal at Dill. Sourcing ingredients from the local ranches, farms, and fishing boats, all the dishes served up here are fresh and can be consumed with a clear carbon conscience. Many of the liqueurs are distilled on site, including the chef’s personal favourite, a birch liqueur with schnapps.

2. Slippbarrin Bar & Restaurant

Slippbarrin Bar & Restaurant

Located within the Marina Hotel on Reykjavik’s perennially busy waterfront, Slippbarrin makes good use of its proximity to its fishing harbour, as this place is well known for its excellent seafood offerings. Out of all the succulent choices available on its menu, we suggest that you try their blue mussel stew with a side of salt cod flatbread, matching its savoury delights with the house’s wonderful gin, which is infused with angelica to create a heavenly experience with each sip on this earthy alcoholic beverage.

3. Gallery Restaurant

Gallery Restaurant

Those looking for a classy dining experience should set aside one of their evenings to sample the offerings available at Gallery Restaurant. Focused on affixing its own impression on modern French cuisine, exquisitely constructed dishes featuring meats ranging from halibut to duck breast will satisfy those with a taste for flesh, while the walls that are brimming with fine artwork will crate an atmosphere that is nearly impossible to beat anywhere else in this cosy city.