Best Restaurants in Cancun for Fine Dining

While Cancun has had a reputation over the years for being little more than a spring break destination, it has grown up in recent years to become a destination for those seeking peak experiences.

This extends to its restaurants, as there are a number of establishments that will please those that have a discriminating palate.

At any of the following four restaurants, you will find the standard of service that you have come to expect from the establishments at which you presently dine:

1. Harry’s Prime Steakhouse

Harry’s Prime Steakhouse

Those visiting Cancun in Riviera Maya Mexico often anticipate having plenty of Mexican food during their stay, though in practice this can get monotonous after the first few days.

Those that are craving AAA quality beef will find the cuts available at Harry’s Prime Steakhouse to be up to their lofty standards, as they go to great pains to ensure that the meat they source gets the highest grades as per the USDA’s ranking system.

Whether you prefer dry-aged, Kobe or standard cuts of steak, you’ll be pleased with the magic that the chefs behind the line will work with these prime cuts, and with an expansive selection of wine to go with your meal, you’ll be certain to have a fine evening at Harry’s.

2. Julia Mia

Julia Mia

Want to try Mexican cuisine in the finest restaurant available in Cancun? The establishment that deserves that honour would be Julia Mia, one of the newest restaurants in town.

Headed up by a husband and wife team from Guadalajara, they have brought their own unique interpretation of their nation’s food to this resort city, which makes use of authentic traditional ingredients.

Whether you choose to have the sea bass tacos or the salmon al pastor, we think that you’ll definitely enjoy their dessert options after the main event has concluded, as it includes items like chocolate truffles and churros drizzled in chocolate mole sauce.

3. Locanda Paolo

Locanda Paolo

Feel like enjoying a little bit of Italian during your Mexican beach holiday? You can enjoy world class cuisine from this famed European nation at Locanda Paolo.

Around since 1989, its longevity is a testament to the consistent quality of the dishes that have come out of its dining room over the past 27 years.

Hands-on customer service is part of their secret, as the chef regularly interacts with customers to ensure that the food is meeting their high standards.

If you are looking to dine with the regulars crowd, don’t make your reservation too early: peak dining hour in this restaurant is right around 10 pm.

4. Les Cepages

Les Cepages

If you fancy a taste of French cuisine during your Mexican holiday in Cancun, then your best choice by far will be to dine at Les Cepages.

Having been around for five years, they have begun to hit their stride of late, making it the best time to sample the dishes at this exceptional restaurant.

Located outside the Hotel Zone, the prices here reflect the true value of food on offer, rather than being horribly inflated as per standard practice in the more touristy areas of Cancun.

The dining space that they have is rather small, so reservations beforehand are essential. If you are looking for a suggestion for a particularly great main course, we recommend the roasted rack of lamb.