8 Reasons to Visit Shirdi

The divine land of Shirdi is particularly a magnet to the devotees of Shri Satguru Sai Nath. A great many travelers, locals and tourists make sure to visit this holy city for its celestial vitality. It is now one of the pilgrimage spots of the country. If you dwell in India, it should be on your must-visit places due to it sanctity and spiritual beauty. It’s the land of the devout Sai, the much revered and worshipped guru who has graced one and all of his worshippers and helped them get rid of their misery. Shirdi is nothing less than a place which will immerse you in its piety with the relics of the life and times of the holy Sai.

If you want to know the attractions in and around the city, here are 8 reasons why you must set foot in Shirdi to revel and bask in its sacred surroundings-

1. The very revered Sai Mandir

The very revered Sai Mandir

Visiting the land of Sai and not paying a visit to the Sai Mandir is just impossible. One does not need a reason to visit the Mandir. This is the most significant attraction of the town. The extremely renowned shrine of India will leave you overwhelmed with the experience of worship popularly known as the Sai Darshan. The echoing of the conch-shells, the constant ringing of bells, the special Aarti and Abhishekh, the fragrance of the incense sticks all around and the blessing of the Guru seated on the golden throne flanked by the Pandits and religious devotees will have you submerged in immense tranquillity and peace of mind. There is no place more serene than this in Shirdi. It takes a while to enter the temple due to the swarming of people from all across the country and the world, but in the end it’s going to be worth the wait.

2. The spirit of oneness at Dwarkamai

The spirit of oneness at Dwarkamai

What’s so significant about Dwarkamai? It is the place which unites people of all spheres of life, breaking away the religious indifference and welcoming one and all with its holy arms. Dwarkamai is the only mosque with a temple in it. Yes, that’s right. Sai Baba particularly preached to all his followers that God is one, and by uniting it in Dwarkamai, he eternally left his message through his religious home. He resided here, all his life whilst in Shirdi and spread the spirit of oneness, tolerance and unity. It was in crumbles and disrepair when he first stepped into the place which he eventually turned it into Dwarkamai. You can feel your soul being cleansed from all the evil here. Its atmosphere will lead you into a moment of introspection to finally transporting you to the world of the very God on earth- Shri Sai Baba. The smoke of the very popular Dhuni, the pyre burning forever, can be soaked into your veins and you can take with yourself his undying blessings.

3. Dixit Wada Museum for the Antiquaries

Dixit Wada Museum for the Antiquaries

For the archaeologists, the vintage lovers and religious aficionados, here is a museum that will attract you to Shirdi. Not only for them, but this is something that all the devotees would love to see. The Dixit Wada museum is place where you can recollect and live the tales that you have been hearing for years. It is a house to Sai Baba’s vintage pictures, his paduka (leather footwear), gramophone records, his bathing stone and a lot more of his belongings. You can go there and take a look and live with those memoirs. It is not just fascinating for the antiquaries but for all his worshippers who get to see his way of living so closely and feel his presence through his material remains.

4. Recreation at the Wet N Joy waterpark

Recreation at the Wet N Joy waterpark

When in Shirdi, this one is unmissable. Get a rush of adrenaline, take your family to this recreation spot and thrill yourself with the variety of activities this waterpark has to offers. You can enjoy a rain dance, a thunder wave pool, water rollercoasters or just indulge in a heavenly water dip. Who said Shirdi is only a religious spot? It has much more to it. It’s not too far from the town center and is easily accessible. Do you need another reason to visit Shirdi?

5. City shopping for the shopaholics

City shopping for the shopaholics

You can’t leave Shirdi without shopping some souvenirs for your friends and family. The city shopping market has thousands of dwellers visiting Shirdi to take home some memoirs. The market is flooded with thousands of Sai Baba effigies, florists, dry fruits and Maharashtra’s popular sweets. It is also filled with religious books with the Satcharita being especially available in regional, English and multiple other languages for tourists to read about Sai and his preachings. It also has shops selling classic shawls and also Maharashtra’s regional apparels. It is a hub for a lot that you would want to take back as a memento. So apart from a religious tour, you can spend some time shopping off the local markets in city shopping.

6. The delicious vegetarian food outlets

The delicious vegetarian food outlets

The most exciting thing about traveling is you get to eat different local delicacies. Shirdi too, doesn’t lag behind in hospitality and feeds the tourists and travelers with the best food it can offer. Sai Sagar food court, Rajdhani restaurant,  Madhuban Shirdi are among the top few vegetarian outlets which will give your taste buds an experience like never before. It has Indian food with a touch of Maharashtra in it. So you can do some ‘pet puja’ also during your visit here and you will not be disappointed at all.

7. The door-less village- Shani Shingnapur

The door-less village- Shani Shingnapur

A place not more than 45 minutes away from Shirdi- Shani Shingnapur, is one reason why you should head from Shirdi to this very unique village. With its domesticity comes a small surprise. It is a village where no house bears a door. The faith underlying here says that there is no need for one as the Gods will guard the home from all the evil-beings and one door need not have to protect their houses from burglary or any sort of crime. It just shows the unstirred faith that exists in this industrious and scientifically drawn world. If you wish to stay close to God and restore your sense of faith, head to this village after bathing in the religious aura of Shirdi.

8. Other Holy spots

Other Holy spots

There are many more places to visit around Shirdi. The gurusthan, Samadhi Mandir, Lendi Baaug, Jangli Maharaj ashram, Chavadi and more. They all have a religious significance attached to them and they are must-visit places in the town itself. It is said that paying a visit to these places will edify and enlighten the lives of the visitors.

Visiting Shirdi as a matter of fact just makes you feel better. The enchanting town with a sacrosanct importance is more than exceptional in its beauty. You must pay a visit at least once in your life and make an attempt to wash off your sins and pay homage to the holy Sai Baba.

It’s impossible to wait anymore, book your travel tickets to this beautiful town pronto!!