6 “Must-Do” When Visiting Taiwan

Taiwan is an amazing destination in Asia. The place attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year by wonderful places to visit and culture as well. However, if you have time to visit the place, you don’t forget to enjoy 6 interesting activities in there.

1. Drink original milk tea- Chun Shui Tang

Drink original milk tea - Chun Shui Tang

If you are milk tea lover, you can not miss interesting experience. Taiwan is known as the paradise and home of milk tea. Any Taiwanese people do not know about Chun Shui Tang and Liu Han Chieh who is the pearl milk tea ancestor and invented a way to drink milk tea with pearly whites. In Taiwan, Chun Shui Tang has more than 46 stores stretching from Taipei to Kaohsiung, Tainan and became the brand name of the most famous pearl milk tea of Taiwan.

Enjoying a glass of milk tea is one of the first things you should do when traveling to Taiwan. As the taste of the teacup is different here, there is a little bit of charcoal roasted tea, which is worth a try.

2. Learn the nightlife

Learn the nightlife

When going to the night market, you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of stalls full of genres to fancy snacks such as giant squid, large fruit or distracted by the characteristic smell of rotten tofu.

The night markets in Taiwan not only bring cultural beauty community activities of indigenous people but also entertainment for all ages. The most famous night markets in Taiwan are Shilin, Ximen, Gongguan, Raohe, Huaxi and etc.

3. Village Stroll in the film “Spirited Away”

Village Stroll in the film “Spirited Away”

Did you know that Japan’s favorite animated film and the top animated feature film in the world – Spirited Away actually has an inspirational scene in Taiwan? The enchanting old town of Hayao Miyazaki called Jiufen is located on a mountain about 50 km from Taipei. The most prosperous Japanese conquest of Japan occupied Japanese-style architecture over China.

Furthermore, although the town is very small, it always busy, especially at night with many souvenir shops and food stalls. Walking on every step of the town will make you feel like a little girl Chihiro is lost in the “soul land”. Therefore, Jiufen is one of the most popular places to visit Taiwan, so many tourists are recognized as such.

4. Visit the Taipei 101 tower

Visit the Taipei 101 tower

Formerly the tallest building in the world with 101 floors before being redeemed in 2010 by Dubai’s Buri Khalifa, Taipei 101 is Taiwan’s pride and symbol of the island. Getting to Taipei without checking in to Taipei 101 was a flaw because standing on the 89th-floor observation deck of the building, the entire Taiwanese scene suddenly collapsed through a lens. Day or night, Taipei 101 is also prominent and recognizable no matter where you are in Taipei. Make your way here to take a photo of you when you visit Taipei.

5. Hot springs bath

Hot springs bath

The climate in Taiwan is quite cool compared to Vietnam, especially the low-temperature winter (from 10 degrees to -10 degrees), it is suitable for you to soak in the hot water of the hot springs which is well known in Taiwan.

Furthermore, Taiwanese believe that hot springs will reduce the risk of aging by the health benefits of mineral water. Therefore, mineral springs become a daily habit of the people living around the mineral springs. Visitors are easy to catch the old man dip for 20 minutes and then return home to cook lunch for the family. Hence, come to Taiwan to try hot mineral springs, with children ages 10 or not is not clear, but the refreshing spirit is what everyone has dipped here is recognized.

Besides these destinations, tourists can enjoy another activities and destinations.