Staying at the Finest Hotels in Reykjavik, Iceland

Where are some of the finest hotels in Reykjavik? Heading to Iceland to view the Northern Lights this fall? Reykjavik is a small but modern capital, offering a complete assortment of visitor services, which includes luxury accommodations.

Below, we reveal some of the finest hotels in Reykjavik.

1. Black Pearl

Black Pearl

One of the best hotel experiences in Reykjavik isn’t technically a hotel at all – the Black Pearl is a luxury serviced apartment complex that prides itself on its superior location within the downtown area and their attention to detail.

From in-suite breakfasts to having your dinner prepared by your own private chef, the food here is on point, while the suites themselves have redefined luxury in this city, as it has a penthouse that is accessed by a private elevator.

2. Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Created in a style that can only be described as classy, the Kvosin Downtown Hotel blends Nordic design with a sophistication that must be experienced first hand to be appreciated.

The latter quality can be observed and felt during time spent sampling the intricate cocktails served at the Klaustur Bar, which stays on top of the latest trends in the field of mixology, which will ensure you’ll be served a top shelf product whatever you end up ordering.

The Mountain Suite feels like your own personal trendy apartment at the centre of town, and when the time comes to explore the attractions that lie outside the city limits, the front desk will coordinate a tour that will allow you to take in all the waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, and hot springs you can handle.

3. First Hotel Alda

First Hotel Alda

First Hotel Alda is another hotel in the heart of the action, granting access to the best restaurants and nightlife that Reykjavik has to offer.

As for the accommodation itself, the views are a big draw, with many rooms offering views of the sea and mountains that lie just outside Reykjavik’s city limits.

The rainfall shower heads in the bathroom will lull you into a sense of relaxation as you clean up before starting your evening in the Barber Bar downstairs, which serves some of the finest champagne and cocktails in the city.

4. Apotek Hotel

Apotek Hotel

Those that are looking for a contemporary style hotel will be pleased what they find at the Apotek Hotel, as it combines the design elements found in one of Reykjavik’s older former pharmacies with a five star level of service.

With an excellent breakfast buffet and some of the centre’s best nightlife being a stroll away, the Apotek is a solid choice for the luxury traveler.