5 Holiday Travel Tips to Make Your Journey More Peaceful

We all know that during the peak travel season of November and December, holiday travel can get a little hectic. In fact, it can be downright frustrating… especially if you are victim of a flight delay.

While weather can often play a major factor in your flight being delayed, sometimes you will find your flight cancelled or delayed even when the skies are clear. There are many reasons this can happen, from airlines being overbooked, to mechanical problems, to planes having to wait to takeoff while Santa and his sleigh are flying nearby.

Here are few tips to make your holiday travel a little more enjoyable, and stress free.

1. Allow plenty of time

Allow plenty of time

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There is no need to add stress to your day by having to rush through security, or worry about getting to your gate on time. Be sure to allow ample time to get stuck in traffic, and for the extra-long security lines that you are likely to encounter during the busiest travel time of the year.

2. Ship your holiday gifts ahead of you

Ship your holiday gifts ahead of you

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If you are bringing gifts for your entire family you are going to have to deal with either the possibility of your luggage being lost, or trying to jam every present into one carryon. Neither is a good idea. Do yourself a favor and mail your gifts. Now, with airlines charging for every bag you take, this might even save you money. (Or simply don’t give anyone a present this year… you being there should be a present in and of itself!)

3. Don’t wrap your presents

Don't wrap your presents

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Even though I just recommended you don’t bring presents with you, chances are you’ll still want to carry at least ONE with you. Every year the TSA remind passengers that presents must be unwrapped in order to go through the metal detector. If you are bringing a gift, make sure it is unwrapped.

4. Remain calm

Remain calm

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Chances are, with the airlines being as busy as they are, you might have a slight bump in the road. Your flight could be delayed, or you might not get the seat you originally wanted. Do your best to remain calm. There’s no need to get worked up. You’ll eventually get where you need to go.

5. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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Before you curse the person in front of you for taking to so long to get their giant carryon into the overhead bin, or yell at the ticket agent for not waiting on you immediately, remember the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy. Practice being nice to everyone you meet. It will help make up for the rest of the year when you’ve been naughty.

This will certainly makes for happier skies this holiday season.