A Complete & Handy Guide to Visit Switzerland

Get ready for the most tranquil, scenic and adventurous vacation in Switzerland that you can ever expect. Resorts and quaint villages with an amazing backdrop of sparkling glaciers and the majestic Alps bound to make you stay here forever. In this guide to visit Switzerland you will get some insider tips to Switzerland that you might not find anywhere else. Don’t depart from Switzerland before you.


Mt. Jungfraujoch (Interlaken)

Mt. Jungfraujoch

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A journey to Jungfraujoch is always a top experience for any traveller. There is a train, at 11,000 feet, which ride up the mountain and promises you to offer an amazing thrilling adventure of a lifetime. Moreover, don’t be amazed if you see signboards written in the Hindi language.

Chapel Bridge (Lucerne)

Chapel Bridge

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Situated on river Reuss, this 700-year-old bridge is the most photographed subject in the Lucerne city. It is not only a means of crossing the river but also as an interesting art gallery that depicts famous artworks of the age. The 14th century Chapel Bridge is famous for the painted roof panels that use to showcase the most important events from Swiss history.

Jet d’Eau (Geneva)

Jet d'Eau

Image Credit: Swiss-heritage.com

The Jet d’Eau is one of the most iconic structures of Geneva, which is visited by a great number of tourists worldwide. Basically, it is a beautiful fountain that pumps water 140 meters into the air. In the evening time, it is beautifully illuminated and also serves as a great place to click photographs.


Gondola Ride (Interlaken)

Gondola Ride

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If you are on a trip to Switzerland, make sure you take a gondola ride to Gimmelwald, a quaint little village near Interlaken. There are some tiny shops where you can relish some homemade snacks.

Tandem Paragliding (Lucerne)

Tandem Paragliding

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All you need to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Lucerne is the spirit of adventure. Tandem paragliding from Mt. Pilatus and Mt. Rigi is a popular sport in Lucerne that allows you to experience a thrilling adventure like never before. Under the guidance of trained professionals, you shouldn’t need to miss at any cost.

Parc des Bastions (Geneva)

Parc des Bastions

Image Credit: Visionsoftravel.org

This beautiful park houses the liberal arts campus of the University of Geneva. The highlight of this park is a giant chessboard, which acts as a highlight of the park and statues of Geneva’s Calvinist founding father. It is a great place for a picnic, where you can enjoy some peaceful time with your loved ones.


Alpine Macaroni

Alpine Macaroni

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The Alpine Macaroni is a typical Swiss speciality, which is served with applesauce and is widely famous across the globe. The mouthwatering dish is made up of macaroni, potatoes, onions, and cheese. The classic recipe with different variations is a favourite for many locals.



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A traditional Swiss delicacy, Fondue is a rich, traditional Swiss delicacy, melted cheese flavoured with garlic. Just dip chunks of bread into the dish and you will realize why it is considered as one of the most favoured dishes in the world.

Swiss Chocolate

Swiss Chocolate

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Switzerland is a chocolate lovers’ paradise that offers a great range of delicious chocolates. Take a chocolate trip, board the Swiss Chocolate Train, or taste as much as you can, the choice is yours.

Time to Go

Time to Go

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June to August

The best time to visit Interlaken is from June to August, during the summer season. Here the temperature lingers around 18°C to 20°C, which is quite pleasant enough to roam the city. It is the perfect time for trekking, long-distance walking, mountaineering, and adventure activities. Also, between July and August, a famous William Tell festival is held where more than 250 folks dress up in the medieval outfit to stage Schiller’s famous play. Since 1912, the festival has been performed here every year.

September to November

September is the month when the crowd starts thinning and the days start shortening. However, the weather is still pleasant and you can explore various tourist sites quite easily. This is also the time when you can catch the grape harvest.

December to March

In Switzerland, winters are freezing and many tourists tend to avoid visits from December to March. The minimum temperatures can drop to -2°C. But, if you wish to witness snowfall or indulge in some adventure activities, near the Jungfraujoch region, you can still visit with your loved ones. Moreover, you will able to get great deals on hotels and flights. You just have to carry enough woollens to bear the cold and it is highly recommended to wear layered clothing.

April to May

This is the time when the weather starts improving, the flowers start blossoming and cableways start opening up. At this time, the temperature ranges somewhere between 7° C and 17° C. It might rain on and off, so you should go with an umbrella and good walking shoes.

Reaching There

Reaching There

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By Air

The closest airport to Interlaken is Bern Airport, just half an hour by train and 45 minutes away by road. You can even take a flight to the Zurich Airport and then a train from the airport to Interlaken. Zurich is very well connected to all international flights and is just two hours away from the Interlaken by train.

By Bus

There are direct private buses from Florence, Rome, Munich, and Paris to Interlaken. Furthermore, some bus services even offer sightseeing around Interlaken as well.

By Train

Interlaken has two major stations – Interlaken OST (East) and West stations. The West station is quite close to town and very well connected to the rest of Switzerland and some parts of Europe namely, Milan, Paris, Salzburg, and Berlin. Personally, I would like to suggest you a train journey into Interlaken, which is quite scenic and offers you a memorable experience.

By Road

The interstate highway from Zurich to Interlaken is about 117 kilometres that give you an excellent way to drive on. However, the overnight parking charges in Interlaken are quite high.

Tip: I recommend you take the train for travelling to Interlaken. You can rely upon the most efficient rail system in the world, the Swiss Rail, to travel from and within the city.

Getting Around

Getting Around Swiss

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There are local buses available that lets you roam around cities. The hotel guests even get a visitors’ travel card, which allows free rides on trains and buses.


Cab and taxi services are freely available in Switzerland.


The Swiss Metro system is the most reliable and cheapest form of the transport system. Don’t forget to grab the Swiss pass in order to avail travel discounts.


It is the best way to explore the beauty of Switzerland. Ride on bicycles to roam around the town. They are easily available on rent with a pick-up and drop-off conveniently located near train stations.

On Foot

Switzerland can be discovered best on foot as there are sufficient walking spaces for pedestrians only. Most attractions are quite close to each other.

What to Pack

What to Pack

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  • If you’re visiting in winters, make sure you carry heavy woollens, like coats, scarves, boots and
  • Travel adapters and
  • If you’re planning to go for trekking, make sure you carry a good pair of Comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Basic medication.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm.

Inspired? So, what are you waiting for? Visit Switzerland and capture the beautiful moments of your life.