Oiran – ‘Buggy Version’ of Geisha in Japan

If you have time to visit Japan or learn a little bit about the culture of Japan, you will know about Geisha who is a special prostitute of Japan. However, the post will introduce about Oiran who is considered as the “buggy version” of Geisha in Japan.

The Edo dynasty (1603-1868) which was the Japanese government allowed the brothels to be opened in places far from the center and covered with high walls. These areas are known as Yakaku (Entertainment Street). Some famous red lights are Yoshiwara in Edo (Tokyo today), Shimabara in Kyoto and Shinmachi in Osaka. The women working in these brothels are called yujos and Oiran is considered to be the highest level that female technicians have reached. Therefore, Oiran costumes are often colorful, flamboyant and ostentatious. Their hairstyles are elaborately decorated, not as simple as Geisha. Therefore, also this view that many people said that Oiran is actually a courtesan luxury.

However, this is a wrong view. Oiran is not merely a maid who serves the pleasures of guests. In order to become an Oiran, these girls have to do their best to practice. They also have to study poetry, poetry, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, poetry, art to make guests happy and etc. Besides that, an Oiran must also have beauty and attractive men. Furthermore, a woman who becomes a celebrity Oiran must be a wise person because they need sensitivity and knowledge to be able to chat with guests who are powerful, high-ranking officials, politicians, and lords. It is the reason why in order to become a real Oiran; a girl will also have to spend a lot of money to be trained. They also have to spend a lot of money to rent a maid and other services to serve their reputation. Therefore, Oiran is not the kind of person that anyone who has money can also enjoy sex. If you want to be an Oiran to serve, you have to prove you are a right person as well as have money.

Oiran - ‘Buggy Version’ of Geisha in Japan

In addition, the Oiran does not serve in the brothels, so if you want to meet them, customers use a tea room with the manager brokers. Before the relationship with the customer, Oiran will have three-time meetings with them. The first meeting is at a party, guests will call the food and many servants to show their level. At this point, Oiran will sit far away, eat, chat and just watch and evaluate whether this is the person you want to serve or not. The second time is similar, but Oiran will be sitting closer to his guests. For the third time, the guest has Oiran’s service.

Although quite similar to Geisha’s well trained, well-positioned and high-profile clients, many have compared Oiran as the “error version” of Geisha because Geisha is a prostitute, and Oiran sells himself. Although Oiran and Geisha work side by side, by law, they are not allowed to compete with one another.

Today, Oiran no longer exists in Japanese society as a form of prostitution, as this is illegal activity. The Oiran only served in the form of a forum, but not bust. The amount of Oiran today compared to Geisha is also very small. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the special culture of Japan, you should visit and enjoy talking with Orian or Geisha one time.