20 Best Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia

There are so many tourist attractions in Jakarta, even though it is identical with busy governmental offices and crowded industrial area. Indonesians’ hopes to find a good job and proper living bring to the increase of the population in this city each year.

However, behind the harsh living in the jungle of concrete, Jakarta has its own special charm that will make you hard to forget about the beautiful side of this metropolitan city.

20 Best Spots You Do Not Want to Skip in Jakarta

From natural places to amusement parks, from historical sites to modern buildings, and traditional markets to mega malls, you can find all of them in Jakarta, just like in a one stop city to spend your holiday.

1. Kepulauan Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu

Image Credit: Traveloka.com

It is well known as the Maldives of Java because of beautiful chain of tropical islands. Spend nights in unique bungalows or cottages in luxury resorts that available there.

Some of the most favorite islands in Kepulauan Seribu are Tidung Island with the Jembatan Cinta (Bridge of Love), Pramuka Island with the rare hawksbill sea turtle conservation, and Kotok Island which is popular as a snorkeling spot.

2. Pantai Indah Kapuk (Mangrove Ecotourism)

Pantai Indah Kapuk

Image Credit: Wego.co.id

It takes pretty long time to reach the location of this mangrove forest, but it worth a lot the scenery to take beautiful pictures. Rent a boat to enjoy the mangrove forest from the water.

Buy a tour package for mangrove planting experience with a name sign board for your organization or individual. Choose between camping grounds and villas above the water to stay for a night here.

3. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Image Credit: Justgola.com

Presenting a high historical value as a tourism destination besides its normal function in the society, all of the harbor activities even become interesting sight pleasing the tourists.

Ride colorful vintage bicycles to get around the harbor while enjoying the scenery under clear blue sky and take good pictures with Phinisi boats which are the most popular unique boat you can find only in Indonesia.

4. Taman Suropati

Taman Suropati

Image Credit: Anandastoon.com

It is a tropical garden themed park to soothe your soul in the middle of the busy city. Taman Suropati has been a favorite spot of local inhabitants to spend their spare time with family or friends, or to walk their dogs while having fresh air.

Experience the happiness of giving food to many doves in the park. Satisfy your hungry tummy with various delicious street foods starts from 6 pm while enjoying the six ASEAN monuments.

5. Monas and Merdeka Square


Image Credit: Flickr.com @samieyadh

Monas is a 132 meters height giant tower in Central Jakarta that is built to symbolize the spirit of Indonesian that will never die. At night, the tower looks more stunning with the effect of colorful lights.

Many public events take place in Merdeka Square, including the celebration of big days in Indonesia like New Year celebration each year that shows video mapping on the Monas tower.

6. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Image Credit: Goibibo.com

This recreational park presents the replica of complete Indonesian heritages and culture. It makes TMII a popular study tour destination. TMII provides other educational tour facilities like fun science experience, museum of insects and butterfly, and herbs garden.

Keong Mas IMAX Theatre there will play educational movie. Besides, this park will also bring you to experience fun with Istana Anak-Anak Indonesia (Indonesian Kids Kingdom), Snowbay Waterpark, bicycle tour, and cable car tour.

7. Ancol Dreamland and Dunia Fantasi

Ancol Dreamland

Image Credit: Trieuhaotravel.vn

Dunia Fantasi, part of the Ancol Dreamland, is a popular amusement park in Jakarta with so many rides for all ages and interesting facilities such as Sea World, Ocean Eco Park, Atlantis Water Adventure Park, Marina, Ocean Dream Samudra, the arts market, and many more.

The other part of Ancol Dreamland is Ancol Beach which always has plenty of visitors moreover on holidays. Relax your tired mind with the ocean breeze or challenge your adrenalin to do some water sports here.

8. Kota Tua Jakarta (The Old Town of Jakarta)

Kota Tua Jakarta

Image Credit: Holidayjakarta.com

Find another side of Jakarta with European buildings from the era of Dutch. The vintage atmosphere somehow brings beautiful memories and drags you to enjoy every second you have there.

Not only tourists who rent vintage bikes to enjoy the Old Town, local people love to spend their time here even just for meeting friends, having talks, and enjoying street music.

9. Fatahillah Museum (The Jakarta History Museum)

Fatahillah Museum

Image Credit: Malaysia29.com

Stands as the iconic building of the Old Town of Jakarta, it has a style that resembles the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. In 1710, it was functioned as the city hall of Batavia (the old name of Jakarta).

Started from 1974, the building opened as a museum that displays historical objects from the period of Dutch colonialism until the Independence of Indonesia.

10. Wayang Museum

Wayang Museum

Image Credit: Korangratis.net

In the past, this building is an old church before destroyed by an earthquake. This museum displays various popular Javanese traditional puppets while giving the information and history to the visitors.

Wayang Museum also keeps gamelan (Javanese traditional music instrument) and paintings of wayang. Join the regular workshop of Javanese puppet making if you are interested.

11. Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque

Image Credit: Muslimobsession.com

As a symbol of the participation of Muslim community in the struggle to make Indonesia being an independent nation, this mosque is built based on the design contest result that involved 27 architects in 1955.

All of the architecture aspects in this mosque symbolize Islamic value like the 12 pillar in the main floor that represents the date of birth of Prophet Muhammad. Beside the main function as a mosque, Istiqlal hold many events regularly for the public.

12. Jakarta Cathedral

Jakarta Cathedral

Image Credit: Manual.co.id

Jakarta, as the multicultural city, facilitates all the religions with worship places. Jakarta cathedral represents the Catholics as a part of the nation. Stands in the heart of the city, it is built with amazing neo-gothic architecture.

The ornaments and big pipe organ in the altar strengthen the classic feelings inside along with the wooden furniture and other materials that are sourced from the colonial period.

13. Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru

Image Credit: Garvingoei.com

One of the things to do in Jakarta is shopping. Set your traditional shopping destination to Pasar Baru (New Market) where you can get cheap goods. Do not skip Go-Lo, the most crowded shop in Pasar Baru which regularly offers big deals for all of your daily needs.

The legendary Bombay Textile will fulfill your clothing needs. Go to Sin Lie Sieng to buy cheap local leather shoes and the popular old Lee Ie Seng shop that provides various daily items.

14. Glodok


Image Credit: Flickr.com @thisisinbalitimur

Glodok is the historical Chinatown of Jakarta where you can shopping and melt yourself into the interesting culture of local Chinese. You can easily find rare Chinese herbs and traditional Chinese sweets here.

After shopping, enjoy Chinese street foods from the unique one for you who loves a challenge with new foods to the delicious dishes that please your taste buds.

15. Grand Indonesia Mall

Grand Indonesia Mall

Image Credit: Callisonrtkl.com

As the most luxurious mall in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town will satisfy your shopaholic soul with international fashion high class brands and world culinary style.

This mall is divided into five zones: The Specialty Zone for exclusive luxurious shopping experience, The Main Zone provides popular items, Crossroads of the World for unique thematic shopping experience, Food Louver-Skybridge, and Blitz Megaplex for the movie addicts.

16. Kelapa Gading Mall

Kelapa Gading Mall

Image Credit: Travelingyuk.com

Different from Grand Mall with a luxurious concept, Kelapa Gading presents family mall as its concept which means that things you find inside is more affordable.

Participate in Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival and Gading Carnival that presents a parade of decorated vehicles, attractions, and beautiful lights that take place around this mall.

17. Lara Djonggrang Restaurant

Lara Djonggrang Restaurant

Image Credit: Foodmagz.com

You can learn about the history of Indonesia through food in Lara Djonggrang Restaurant. This restaurant is the main culinary destination of international tourists in Jakarta.

Taste the authentic recipes of Indonesia in this restaurant with a service concept like an Indonesian ancient royal. The vintage building brings a classy eating experience for you.

18. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo

Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

This tropical rainforest zoo is included as one of top place to visit during holidays in Indonesia. Ragunan Zoo contributes to the conservation of Sumatran tiger and elephants, also build a primate center.

Rent a bike or just stroll around the zoo to enjoy the animal collection. Some people hold picnic with their family to enjoy the sensation of eating delicious food under the trees.

19. Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory

Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory

Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Find three observatories where you can learn about all the sky observation activities and documentation of astronomical happenings.

Jakarta Planetarium displays various kinds of telescopes to educate the visitors, presents complete information about celestial things, and shows simulations of astronomical phenomena to educate the visitors.

20. National Gallery of Indonesia

National Gallery of Indonesia

Image Credit: Factsofindonesia.com

This museum is operated under Indonesian Ministry of Education. It houses around 1770 artworks of all Indonesian notable artists and other great foreign artists around the world.

Many art exhibitions regularly held here. Take beautiful pictures for your private collection or for your social media content with artistic decorations available in the gallery.

Which one attracts you the most? Since all the places hardly seduce you to visit them, you better spend more days in Jakarta and do not skip even one. All of those 20 best places to visit in Jakarta are too good to be skipped.