15 Best Places to Visit in Batam, Indonesia

Choosing the best places to visit in Batam is not an easy thing to do. It is because there are too many of them. If you do not plan your Batam vacation in advanced, you will get confused of deciding what to do once you have arrived in the famous Indonesian Island. This is why you need to know the best tourist attractions Batam has.

Batam is located in far west of Indonesia. In fact, it is closer to Singapore than it is to Jakarta. The area is also known as the “gate” for tourists because many of them entering Indonesian soil from Batam. This is the reason why foreign tourists tend to visit Batam first in their Indonesian trip before moving on to visit other cities. Here’s the list of the best places you should visit in Batam.

1. Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

Image Credit: Cavinteo.blogspot.com

This place is a beautiful Buddhist temple located in Batam. Tourists love visiting this location because it is tranquil and very peaceful. It is believed that this temple is the right place to refresh your mind and forget your burden for quite a while.

Besides its tranquility, the temple is also known for its ancient architecture. There are unique buildings in the temple complex that tourists can enjoy and explore. This is the reason why the temple is always visited by tourists, even for non-religious reasons.

2. Batam Cable Ski Park

Batam Cable Ski Park

Image Credit: Cable-ski.com

Batam is particularly well-known for its water sport. It is understandable because the island is indeed surrounded by water and even by taking a jet ski and cross the water, you can get to Singapore in no time at all. However, the best way to enjoy water sport is to visit this place.

It is called Batam Cable Ski Park. As you can tell from its name, it is indeed a water-park intended for Jet Ski. In this location, you can experience a lot of fun of trying water sport, including Jet Ski, canoeing, water boarding, and even snorkeling.

3. Pulau Abang

Pulau Abang

Image Credit: Halamankepri.blogspot.com

If you love sightseeing, the perfect place to visit while you are in Batam is definitely Pulau Abang. This is a really stunning-looking island. Everything here seems pristine and very natural. It has marvelous beaches all across the island. They are full of white sand coast and the sparkling blue ocean.

While you are here, you can do a lot of things besides sightseeing. You can try snorkeling or scuba diving, too, because the under-the-sea scenery is also pleasing. You will see a lot of unique-looking corals and numerous marine creatures while doing so.

4. Nongsa Coast and Beach

Nongsa Coast and Beach

Image Credit: Walltrend686269963.wordpress.com

A lot of people enjoy looking at beautiful sunset. If this is what you want to do, you have to visit Nongsa Coast and Beach. The beach is well-known for its superb scenery, especially around the time the sun goes down. The beach offers reddish-orange ambience during sunset.

While enjoying sunset, visitors at Nongsa Coast and Beach can also enjoy eating seafood and other culinary richness of Batam. This is basically the place to relax and enjoy in the evening. No wonder that the beach is always crowded most of the time.

5. Harbour Bay Seafood

Harbour Bay Seafood

Image Credit: Flickr.com @jules_alvaro

Because Batam is an island surrounded by water, there is no doubt that seafood is abundant there in the island. Batam is the perfect location for seafood culinary journey. If you come to Batam for this particular purpose, you have certainly made the right decision.

One of the best seafood places to visit in Batam is Harbor Bay Seafood. This restaurant offers wide array of seafood dishes, including the infamous black pepper crab and fried calamari. Eating seafood in this Batam restaurant is way cheaper compared to doing so in neighboring Singapore.

6. Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge

Image Credit: Locationscout.net

One of the most popular landmarks in Batam is Balerang Bridge. This is a huge bridge located all across the island. It is more than 50 km long and people can see beautiful scenery while crossing the bridge for sure.

The bridge is prominent for its sturdy-looking and unique architecture. The bridge is going to be full of people during sunset. Watching the sun as it is going down is perfect from this bridge. You can see the sun slowly sets vividly from the Balerang Bridge.

7. Isabella Massage House

Isabella Massage House

Image Credit: Cecedingding.blogspot.com

Besides being the location for seafood-eating, Batam is also perfect for relaxation. This island is modern but it is not crowded and stressful like in Jakarta or other big cities. That is why relaxation and massage houses are easy to be found here.

You should try going to Isabella Massage House. This is the perfect place to get your body relaxed. You can have a lot of choices of body treatments, including Shiatsu massage, body spa, and many more. You will get out of this place fresh and rejuvenated for sure.

8. Labun Island

Labun Island

Image Credit: Labun-island.com

If you love snorkeling, you must visit Labun Island. This beautiful island has numerous beaches there. The under-the-sea scenery offered by Labun Island beaches is just gorgeous. That is why this location is always perfect for snorkeling.

Labun Island is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in Batam because snorkeling is not the only thing people can do here. They can also do other water-related outdoor sports, including banana boating and scuba diving.

9. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Image Credit: Bwpremierpanbil.com

Batam is the entrance of export-and-import business of Indonesia. This is the reason why there are a lot of good stuff with cheaper price in Batam. You cannot leave Batam without buying anything from its stores or malls. This is why Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is a must-visit.

The shopping mall is located in Nagoya area. This is like the shopping area of the whole island. It has plenty of stores in there, selling anything you need. You can also find food courts, children’s play land, and many more inside the mall.

10. Sea Forest Adventure Park

Sea Forest Adventure Park

Image Credit: Seaforestadventure.com

If your intention of going to Batam is to enjoy outdoor activities, Sea Forest Adventure Park is certainly the tourist destination you just have to visit. This is the location for numerous people to try challenging water-related activities, including banana boating and other water sports.

This recreational park also has educational center for visitors, especially young children. They can learn about science and many things else inside the building. It is great to have a family vacation in this adventure park because everyone will not get bored easily.

11. Bintan Island

Bintan Island

Image Credit: Ksmtour.com

Bintan is one of the most islands around Batam. It is well-known for its cultural richness and its historical points. This island has a lot of places to visit, including some ancient forts and some art-and-craft centers.

Here, visitors will be able to do a lot of things, including trying to make Batik (Indonesian signature fabric), making handicrafts, and visiting historical sites. This is certainly the right place to visit when you want to enjoy Batam at its best.

12. Nagoya Entertainment District

Nagoya Entertainment District

Image Credit: Dreamholidayasia.com

Nagoya Entertainment District or NED is the part of Nagoya Island where you can enjoy nightlife. It is such a rare place in Indonesia, though. Here, you will find a lot of night clubs and alcohol will be there, too.

A lot of tourists from Europe and USA usually go here if they want to have fun that way. There will be DJ’s, too, performing in those nightclubs. This is the location where you can have fun enjoying cocktail and hanging out in lounges.

13. Ocarina Waterpark

Ocarina Waterpark

Image Credit: Travelodgehotels.asia

For those who bringing kids on the Batam vacation, do not forget to visit Ocarnia Waterpark. This water park is great for kids. It is colorful, whimsical, and fun. It has several different types of swimming pool for the kids to enjoy.

Adults can have so much fun here as well. This place has food courts and entertainment area for parents and adults to enjoy while the kids are having fun in the pool.

14. Tanjung Uma

Tanjung Uma

Image Credit: Behindbatam.blogspot.com

Tanjung Uma is a fishing village of Batam. This location becomes interesting for foreign visitors because it looks rare and very urban. The houses here are still traditional and unique. They are lining up all across the area.

Here, tourists are usually interacting with locals. They will show you their daily activities including showing you the boat they use to explore the ocean and go catching fish. It is definitely a unique experience for foreigners.

15. Batam Hills Golf Resort

Batam Hills Golf Resort

Image Credit: Golfsiao.wordpress.com

For those who love golfing, Batam is just heaven for you. This island is prominent to have countless golf-related recreational areas, including this Batam Hills Golf Resort. By visiting this resort, you can play the sport in well-established field with international standard.

Playing golf here is not the only thing you can do. You can also visit the location for culinary journey at its restaurants or just enjoy beautiful scenery of Batam by staying in the resort and go sightseeing.

Of course besides those 15 locations above, Batam still has so many other locations to visit. All you need to do when planning the trip to the infamous island is to take your time. Pick the locations that you really want to visit and that you will most likely love. You will have a lot of things to do in Batam if you select the right tourist destinations.