15 Best Places to Visit in Bandung, Indonesia

There are numerous places to Visit in Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is one of the cities in the country where people come to visit in their vacation. Bandung is located in West Java. It has beautiful view all around the city. Besides of that, it is not as crowded as Jakarta or any other major cities in Indonesia.

The best thing about Bandung is that it is situated in highlands. As the result, the city has cooler, chiller weather all-year long. For those who love visiting Indonesia but cannot stand its heat, Bandung is probably the best choice. Here is the list of the places you just have to visit in Bandung.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Bandung?

1. Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu

Image Credit: Piknikasik.com

Tangkuban Perahu is certainly one of the best locations that people have to visit in their Bandung trip. This place is basically an active volcano with stunning surrounding view. It has craters all over the place and they are incredibly beautiful.

You do not have to worry about visiting an active volcano and craters, too, because the place is not remote at all for visitors. It has already completed by a lot of public facilities, including proper toilets and even foot courts and souvenir shops.

2. Lembang Floating Market

Lembang Floating Market

Image Credit: Hargatiket.net

If you want to shop for foods or other goods in Bandung, take it the unique way by going to Lembang floating market. Yes, the traditional market is located on a lake. It is floating because the sellers are using wooden boat as their stall.

You can buy anything that you want here, including fresh products of fruits and vegetables, too. You can explore the market by walking on its deck or by using a boat to move from one vendor to another. It is such a unique experience for everyone.

3. Museum of The Asian-African Conference

Museum of The Asian-African Conference

Image Credit: Tempo.co

If you love finding out about Indonesia’s historical events, you have to visit Museum of The Asian-African Conference. This museum is to preserve one of the most historical events happened in Bandung.

The 1955 Asian-African Conference was attended by African and Asian states that just gained their independence. You can learn all about this world-changing event in the museum. It has framed documents, dioramas, and many more to display.

4. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih

Image Credit: Uzone.id

Kawah Putih is one of the most beautiful nature-related tourist destinations in Bandung. This place is basically a crater surrounded by green hills. If you live in a big city, the chance of visiting a place like this is slim. It is truly showing you the best face of nature.

The place is full of chill atmosphere and lush scenery as far as the eyes can see. This is why Kawah Putih is often considered as the most tranquil place for people to visit. It is great to refresh your mind and leave out your burden for a while.

5. Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun

Image Credit: Tempatasik.com

Kampung Daun is a restaurant with unique concept. You won’t feel like you are dining in a restaurant here. The place is full of nature-like spots here and there, allowing you to sit down and enjoy your dinner while watching beautiful scenery.

The restaurant is a multi-layered one. It means that it has cuisines from several different places in the menu. Besides of local Sudanese (Bandung) cuisine, you can also try other Indonesian foods and also Asian and Western foods, too.

6. Ciater Tea Fields

Ciater Tea Fields

Image Credit: Flickr.com @franciscus_nanang_t

Have you ever been to a tea field before? If you haven’t, you have to visit Ciater area. Ciater is located in highlands of Bandung. It has chill weather and thus it is perfect for tea plantations. There are hectares and hectares of tea fields in the area.

The fields are open for visitors. They can be explored and visitors will have the unforgettable experience of exploring amazing-looking tea plantations with beautiful and epic scenery scattered right in front of them.

7. Bandung Zoo

Bandung Zoo

Image Credit: Travelspromo.com

Bandung Zoo is one of the best tourist attractions in Bandung, Indonesia, particularly if you have children in the trip. The zoo is full of unique animal collections; some of them are native wildlife of Indonesia. Kids (and adults) will have so much fun exploring the 14-hectares zoo all day long.

Besides exploring animal collections, visitors of the zoo can also do a lot of different things here, including trying elephant riding, enjoying camel riding, and also having lunch at its well-established food court. It is certainly the right place to visit on the vacation.

8. Bandung Institute of Technology

Bandung Institute of Technology

Image Credit: Westjavatourismboard.info

For those who are curious to Bandung’s side of academic side, they can visit Bandung Institute of Technology, known to the locals as ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). This university is one of the best one in Indonesia, let alone in Bandung.

The best thing about ITB is its building. It has been there for decades. It has unique architecture and pretty much worth exploring. This is why tourists love to stop and admire the unique campus complex. It is like visiting a very interesting historical building.

9. Saung Udjo Museum

Saung Udjo Museum

Image Credit: Hargatiket.net

Saung Udjo Museum is the place for people to learn more about one of the most famous traditional music instruments in Indonesia. It is called Angklung. The traditional instrument is made out of bamboo and native to Sudanese people.

Angklung is played by shaking. It produced unique and raw tune. You can learn about angklung, including its types, origin, and many more in the museum. It has evening concerts, too, that visitors can watch in the museum.

10. Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu

Image Credit: Pergidulu.com

Dusun Bambu literally means bamboo village. You can tell by its name that it is a recreational park full of bamboo here and there. Basically, it is true. The area is a leisure park for family. It is full of amazing scenery from the lake and lush surrounding from the forest.

In Dusun Bambu, you can try having lunch or dinner at its restaurant. You can dine while watching epic scenery. You can also exploring its bamboo-based buildings and furniture while doing so. This is totally one of the best tourist destinations in Bandung everyone should visit.

11. Factory Outlet Shopping

Factory Outlet Shopping

Image Credit: Inyourpocket.com

Bandung is well-known for its factory outlets. It is the series of stores selling clothes and footwear. Visitors can go to these stores and buy clothes or anything they want in cheaper price. The most famous location for this shopping spree area is in Dago Street.

There, numerous stores can be seen all along the street. They sell shirts, pants, hats, denim trousers and many more. Since there are so many of them, you won’t be able to visit this area in just an hour. You will spend hours for sure exploring the area.

12. St. Peters Cathedral

St. Peters Cathedral

Image Credit: Keuskupanbandung.org

If you are a bit God-loving person, you would certainly love to visit St. Peters Cathedral. Yes, it is a church but a very unique one. The building has been around for a long time. It was built when the country was under Dutch colonization.

The massive church has gothic architecture. It is stunning with its high ceilings, stained-glass wall arts, and stunning exterior. Tourists, regardless of the religions, can visit this church and explore. It is mostly open for visitors all day long.

13. Keraton Cliff

Keraton Cliff

Image Credit: Blog.topindonesiaholidays.com

For those who want to visit a cliff, Bandung has this marvelous cliff with jaw-dropping scenery. It is called Keraton Cliff. The place is considered raw and perfect to admire the mighty Mother Nature. However, sometimes this place can be too crowded by visitors.

That is why the best time to visit this place is really early in the morning. The air is still fresh, it is chill, and you can enjoy sunrise from this spot. It is truly an unforgettable experience for visitors for sure.

14. Cihampelas Jean’s Street

Cihampelas Jean's Street

Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

Jean or denim is common to be worn. If you need a new pair of jeans, you can go to Cihampeleas area. This area is well known as “Jean’s Street”. Why so? It is because numerous manufacturers for jean or denim are based in this location.

You can buy jeans with cheaper place here. The street is basically full of workshops and display stores for jeans. Besides jeans, you can also shop for other clothing items as well as some signature Bandung souvenirs.

15. Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang

Image Credit: Wisatakeluargaku.com

Situ Patenggang is a beautiful lake. It is still very natural and quite distant from the city. As the result, you will be in a tranquil place with amazing scenery as long as the eyes can see. The lake has scenic route, too, which is great for everyone to experience.

What can you do in this place? Well, besides sight-seeing, you can rent a boat and use it to explore the lake. It won’t cost you a lot of money and you will the unique experience of exploring the green, lush scenery on a boat.

Those are some of the best places you can visit when you are in Bandung. The area really is stunning because it has so many unique places. So, if you have the intention to visit Bandung in the near future, make sure you start planning the things to do in Bandung, Indonesia from now on.