Best Attractions in the Western USA for the Distinguished Traveler

What are the best attractions in the Western USA?

Finally tracked down the free time to get out to the west coast of America to see some of its most exciting cities?

If you have booked your tickets and are bound for any one of the following three destinations, be sure you make room in your itinerary to check out the best attractions in the Western USA…

1. Seattle: Taste Seattle Food Tour

Seattle: Taste Seattle Food Tour

Located within a region noted for its abundant precipitation and mild air, the soils of Washington State outside of the city of Seattle produce a bewildering array of fruits and vegetables.

Combine that with meats from ranchlands just beyond the Cascades and the wealth of seafood that is harvested from the depths of the Pacific, and you have the makings of a food culture that stands among the best in the nation.

While you could simply stroll Pike Place Market and call it a day, take things a step further and hire a guide to show you the ins and outs of the gastronomy scene in Seattle.

Many of these tours weave city history and bike driven tours of storied neighbourhoods into their program as well, making this activity a sound investment for your travel dollar.

2. Portland: Pittock Mansion

Portland: Pittock Mansion

Once home to one of Portland’s most famous pioneer turned entrepreneur, the Pittock Mansion is a glamorous way to end your stay in one of America’s most delightfully weird cities.

Built in the French Renaissance style in 1909, this ornate house sits atop one of Portland’s highest hills, and has an elegance that can only be appreciated by those who have toured its bespoke interior. Be sure to bring your camera, as the views of the city below are stunning.

3. San Francisco: Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco: Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco is a place that is certainly not short on attractions, but don’t leave without having taken an hour or two to walk through the grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Despite its moniker, this attraction is not the former home of a monarch or an aristocrat, but an exhibition of architecture that was constructed by a company like Peter Smith Roofing to impress visitors from around the world during the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition.

Symbolizing San Fran’s rise from the devastation of the great 1906 earthquake, the rotundas, Greek style arches and pillars, and a reflecting pool still trigger much contemplation in the present day about the resilience of the human spirit in the face of the challenges that nature place upon it.